Hardware Repairs

If you have any hardware issues such as cracked casing, broken hinges, faulty screens, water damage, plus many more, we can help. Hardware can become faulty at any point but depending on the make and model of your machine we can source new parts for you.

Hard Drive Issues

Hard Drives can fail from time to time and if this happens, nothing else can work. Your data on this hard drive will include everything from your files to your pictures. However, depending on how badly your Hard Drive has been damaged, we can look into replacing this and trying to recover those important files for you.

Screen Replacement

With technology advancing as quickly as it is, laptops are becoming smaller and more at risk of being knocked over. The laptops screen is one of the easiest, most common parts to break. We offer repairs on a vast range of different brands, so bring yours in and we can give you a quote for fitting and replacing you a new screen.

Fan Replacement

The fan in your machine is what helps to keep it cool as you are using your device. If your fan breaks however, you are then putting your machine at risk of overheating. You should bring your device to us as soon as possible for a replacement fan to be fitted to stop any further damage to you computer.

SSD Storage Upgrade

If you find yourself running out of space to save documents, you are unable to take more pictures or have run out of room to download new music, you may have used up all your storage. We can look at upgrading storage on your device to the required level to meet your needs so you no longer have to worry about running out of space.

Laptop Batteries

If your laptop isn’t holding charge well or is struggling to charge up at all, bring it in to a member of the team who will be happy to look into this for you. We will also be able to source a replacement battery if this is required.

Laptop Chargers

If the reason for you laptop not charging is the charger itself, we can look at sourcing one for you. We stock a variety of different makes and models in store or alternatively we can order you one in.

Keyboard Repair

If you have lost keys on your keyboard we can look into repairing this for you and fixing them individually. Alternatively we can replace it completely and find a new brand new keyboard for your device.

Damaged LCD

If you have damaged the LCD of your screen your best bet is to get a trained professionals to perform a screen replacement on your device. This should be done as soon as possible so the rest of the device isn’t affected.

New Computer Builds

Computer hardware is always evolving, with new devices coming out every year and as a result your software may see a decline in its efficiency. Our experts can look at the performance setup of your device and recommend upgrades that will help ensure your applications function at their best.

System Upgrades

We can help upgrade your device’s system in order to improve its functionality and efficiency. The team can upgrade memory so you have more storage space, Central Processing Units’s, CD and DVD Drives, Hard Drives and Solid-State Drive and they can also look at Graphic Cards.


More advanced applications and operating systems require a lot more memory to run to a high standard which basic computers often don’t have. The team can look at increasing the memory of your device so your systems are able to run faster and more efficiently.

Data Recovery

There are various reasons you may end up loosing the data you have stored on your device inlcuding, a failed Hard Drive, Failed SSD and Memory loss. We can look at recovering this data for you as we know how important those pictures and documents are to your life.

Get In Touch If Any Of These Issues Are Bothering You

No matter what your hardware issue may be, our talented technicians will be happy to assist you and find a solution to get your device up and running. We can do everything from basic repairs, to sourcing brand new parts to get your machine back to its best.