Don’t Pay Over The Odds During The Pandemic

Recently the manager of our Redditch branch made his way into the newspaper to advise the local community of the demand in second-hand and low-spec computers increasing.

Currently the demand for laptops and computers has skyrocketed thanks to many people now working from home and having to home-school their children. With the majority of jobs requiring a laptop and many school activities now taking place online, tech has become muchly sought after.

With supply levels dropping and a high demand for these products, businesses are increasing their prices to take advantage of the situation. Carl informed us that he’d spoken to people who bought the same laptop as they did this time last year, but for double the price. The pandemic has meant people are paying over the odds for basic technology.

There has been a massive surge in demand for these products but we warn you to look around for better deals and don’t pay over the odds if you can help it.

Quickfix has remained determined not to inflate any of our prices during this time, with us keeping them as low as they always have been for people who nee them the most. We won’t be taking advantage of this awful situation and our prices will not reflect this.

Take care and stay safe.