How to…Service your PC at Home

Quickfix Computers have teamed up with the Banbury Guardian to bring you a regular series of ‘How to…’ guides. The aim of these guides are to help the community with any technological issues they may be facing and give some general advice.

Each guide will follow a new topic and will assist you in making the technology in your life that bit easier to use. We’ll ensure it contains information that uses simple terminology so that the every day person can make use of it.

To kick-start this new series we have chosen to look at ‘How to…Service your PC at home’. With many people now working remotely and taking on the challenge of home school, looking after your PC is essential.

To find out how to ensure your computers operate at their best, check out the article over on Banbury Guardians website. Click on the link below to visit our first guide.

How to look after your PC during work and homeschooling – advice from a family-run business in Banbury | Banbury Guardian

Take Care.